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Home 'N' Kitchen based on the R&D of furniture manufacturing, combined with the international raw materials purchasing scheme, delicate to providing all the customers in the world with simple and practical furniture through strict production process.

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Home 'N' Kitchen is the novel segment of 15 years old skilled company in the midst of exceptional foundation in Malaysia and China
with global quality standards and pioneering designs.We have a large number of dealership network and superior clientele base.







About Our Company

We are inventing and developing products that are more suited to the local habits according to the analysis of their different life style and habits of people in Europe, America, Asia and so on.... Home 'N' Kitchen , with its excellent co- operative partners, is endeavouring to enable Indian customers to experience the humanization of functional house and office furnishing designs.

To create more value for our customers is always the driving force of our development. In the future Home 'N' Kitchen will devote to improving our living and kitchen environment and life quality through constantly reform and innovation based on the pursuit of perfection and product quality.

Pre Production

A 3D Design software for kitchen cabinet design purpose, which is highly user-friendly and customer-oriented. Kitchen floor plan with dimension, Optional kitchen cabinet arrangement and design,
Photo-realistic images, handles, door panels designs can be provided to customer before production and make the customer to analyze the real time view of the kitchen.

Manufacturing Competence

• Fully automatic imported machineries to nullify manual inaccuracy and to complete the task rapidly.
• 4 acres wide factory with 99KW power distribution.
• Fully automatic panel saw machine give a perfect dimension to slice plywood and other boards
• Fully automatic edge banding machine gives smooth finishing & buffing which makes the board's look & feel enhanced
• Fully automatic double spindle CNC router helps to make either design on the board with smooth finish much faster
• We use multi tray Vacuum Press machine to laminate Sheets, PVC Papers, etc. so that we have wide range of color options to customers. Experienced staffs with sound experience.

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